Inspirational Stories about Employee Engagement #1

Posted on 23rd January 2022 by Scott

Employee Engagement Stories to Inspire You: Part One

“Johnny the Bagger”


What comes to mind when you think of employee engagement? Maybe nothing. Maybe that it's just an ambiguous term. Maybe a slew of numbers and statistics too mind boggling to attempt to juggle or sift through. 

For me, it's hopefulness, and not just for the sake of the business-end of things, but for ALL involved - for human-sake. Employee engagement, aside from the realm of HR departments and dollars-and-cents, is, at its core, about promoting humanity within the workplace – all workplaces, everywhere. That’s my utopian view on it anyhow. That one day, everyone can look forward to going into their place of work and that everybody - from the employees, to the customers,  and all the way up to the shareholders - can benefit from this.

I'm doing a series of inspirational employee engagement stories to highlight the power of the potential within all of us. If you have ever felt that you have little to no impact at your job, I hope these can serve as a silver lining for you. Everyone is critical. Even if those around or above you may not happen to see it that way, you can be the force that drives change, and, at the very least, discover a higher purpose - even in a seemingly menial job - because everyone can make a difference.

Take the story below for example: 



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