Before you take action, you need to identify the areas of opportunity for improvement.


Our survey process is focused on identifying the key employee engagement opportunities in your organization. 

We utilize a sophisticated, multi-dimensional survey to better understand your organization’s unique culture.

We offer customizable employee surveys that assess the level of employee engagement at your organization.

Anonymity is guaranteed and the survey can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. 

We will put together a package tailored to your needs. Some of the services available include:

  • Overall employee engagement score with national benchmark comparison
  • Frequency report based on survey question results
  • All employee comments and suggestions
  • Downloadable reports for managers and leaders
  • Short survey option for smaller companies
  • Breakdown of results by department and location

When an organization conducts employee surveys, initial and follow-up communication during the process is essential.

You want your employees to know why you are conducting the survey as well as the benefits that hope you attain from it.

You want to keep everyone in the loop and stress the importance of completing the survey so that you recieve the most accurate data.

To help in this process we can provide:

  • Template emails for the survey introduction to your employees.
  • A brief summary of the survey results for employees which can highlight strengths and opportunities.
  • Webinar or reports for managers and leaders to review the survey results, which can include key drivers affecting employee engagement levels and suggested next steps.
  • Reports highlighting and tracking employee engagement scores over time.