Post-survey analytics identify the key drivers with the greatest impact on your employee’s engagement.


Once the survey is completed, statistical tools are utilized to accurately identify the key drivers within your organization. Key drivers are those issues most important to employees and with the greatest impact on overall employee engagement.

We identify the key drivers unique to your organization. In some cases, a key driver will have high scores and little will need to be addressed. In other cases, a key driver will be accompanied by low scores. These are the areas of opportunity to focus on.

Key drivers may exist for employee subgroups. For this reason, we search for drivers by multiple categories including:

  • Tenure
  • Generation
  • Position
  • Education
  • Department
  • Training
  • Location
We will work with you to create an action plan to address these areas and elevate employee engagement within your organization. We can provide recommended action steps as well as team up with your leaders to positively improve engagement levels throughout your organization. Our aim is diving into the data to boost your bottom line.